Good Enough

This made for You Tube version of our Mother’s Day sermon looks at a question many moms, and a fair number of Dads) ask themselves: Am I Good Enough? Using Proverbs and 1st Peter, we seek an answer.


Serving God

What do we need to be in order to serve God well and transform lives? Less than you think. This week’s sermon from Rupert Methodist Church, adapted for YouTube.

The Methodists did what?


In light of the recent UMC general conference decision, here is a breakdown of how the decision came about, how both sides make their biblical case, and what this means for the churches, particularly accepting open-hearted churches like ours. (Hint – we are going to stay open-hearted.)

Joy, when you’re not feeling it.

This is the third week in our month of Advent. It is the week we celebrate joy. But what if our Christmas season is, shall we say, less than perfect? A few of the characters in the bible can show us the way to joy, even when the world around us is pretty rough.

This past week’s sermon, adapted for YouTube.